How amazing would it be to order weed online, and have it delivered right to your door? At this point, we don’t know when Washington weed delivery will happen. But vineyards offer wine clubs that ship a monthly case of different wines your way for sampling, so wouldn’t it be fitting if there was a weed-of-the-month club where you could try new strains and explore weed from all over the world?

We here at Cannabis Oasis think that’d be pretty amazing. But until marijuana delivery service is no longer a thing of the future, you’ll want to try our online ordering! You can look forward to a summer of replenishing your cannabis supplies by browsing our menu online, adding what you want to your cart – and having your order ready in our store as soon as you can pick it up!

So check out the Cannabis Oasis specials or swing by to stock up on some of the Northwest’s best marijuana strains. We’re open Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to midnight, and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to midnight.

Here are our Cannabis Oasis Specials this month:


  • Artizens 7g popcorn – $40
  • Fruit of the Root 1g $5 | 3.5g $15 | 7g $35 | 14g $55
  • Moani CBD Strains: Sweet n Sour Widow, Hawaiian Dream 1g $10 | 3.5g $30 | 28g now $200!
  • Ninja Gardens & El primo Flower 28g $99
  • NWCS Cherry Sherbert 1g $8 | 3.5g $23
  • NWCS LEG Cookies 3.5g $25
  • Quality Cannabis White Widow 7g $35 | 14g $65 | 28g $120


  • $5 pre-rolls
  • La Cubana 1.5g Blunt 2 for $40
  • Twister oil-infused prerolls 2 for $25


  • Magic Kitchen Brownie Bites, Choco Bites, Granola Bites, and Pearlz 100mg, $15
  • Magic Kitchen Pebbles 100mg, $20


  • Dragon High Hash 1g $15
  • Evergreen 1g wax $20
  • EZVape cartridge pens CO2, BHO, and CBD $35 ea | 2 for $42
  • Ninja Gardens wax – Pick from 8 strains! 1g $20 each
  • Techbud 1g wax for $25, 2 for $40

And our Daily Deals:

MONDAY – 10% Off Select Flower
TUESDAY – Happy Hours 15% Off Select Flower from 8am – 11am & 8pm – 11pm (Except NWCS)
WEDNESDAY – Wake ‘N Bake Joints: All NWCS $5, Phat Panda 2 for $15. All Pre-Rolls 10% off
THURSDAY – Happy Hours 15% off select items 8-10am, 8pm – 12am
FRIDAY – Artizen pebbles, 7g for $50
SATURDAY – Shatterday 10% off concentrates & wax
SUNDAY – 10% off Accessories, Magic Kitchen $25