Remember when you had to go to the video rental store only to discover that someone had already checked out the one copy of “Up in Smoke”? You don’t? OK, maybe we’re old. But, kids, trust us…There was a time when getting quality stoner entertainment meant putting on real pants and leaving the house. Thank God those bad old days are behind us. Not only can you watch your favorite stoner flicks on Netflix and Hulu, but YouTube is a veritable treasure trove of stoner-friendly content, from shatter reviews to tutorials on how to make a bong out of a tic-tac container. Here at the best Tacoma pot shop, we’re all about this. And, as usual, we’re willing to conduct some serious research to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Blackberry Kush and your Maui Waui weed wax. (Speaking of which, check out our menu for the latest selection of quality recreational marijuana products–from cannabis candy to the tastiest weed edibles in Tacoma.)

Stoner Girl Diary

The stoner pantheon is sadly light on the ladies, so Biscayne Boeck and Mariana Diaz are a welcome addition. In a world when weed “experts” tend toward the pretentious and overly serious, these next-generation stoner girls are a breath of fresh air. Unabashedly excited about all things weed, Boeck and Diaz (who are both of smoking age) deliver product review and focus each episode around girl-friendly advice like “The Do’s and Don’ts of Being a Stoner,” “Coming Out of the Stoner Closet,” “Smoking and Boys,””First Time Getting High,” and the all-important “How to Roll a Joint.”

Crutch 420

Enthusiastic yet knowledgeable, Crutch 420 offers upbeat reviews of new strains, resin dabs, wax and shatter, as well as equipment, keeping you up-to-date on everything from the latest vaporizers to novelty bongs. Can you smoke weed out of a toilet? Yes you can. The channel also produces funny one-offs like stoner food porn.

Sam Briggs

Although Sam Briggs doesn’t limit himself to weed and is unfortunately not very prolific, no perusal of weed-related YouTube offerings is complete without watching classics like “The Five Types of Stoner,” which features a convincing National Geographic-style voiceover and the professional (and hilarious) script to match. Tell me…Are you a spliff gremlin or a couch ninja?