Management Approved: Being High Should be Mandatory for These Jobs

Can you be high and still do your job? If not, would you like to be able to? Perhaps it’s time to consider a career change. At Cannabis Oasis in Tacoma, we do a lot of thinking about being high. We can’t help but think that some jobs would be much more fun and/or tolerable when you’re high. And we’ve got all the supplies you need to make that happen. From vape supplies to shatter wax, edibles, pre-rolled joints, and the best selection of cannabis in the South Sound, you’ll find everything you need to dial in the perfect high.

Now, we’re not certified career counselors – but here are a few jobs where we think being high should be mandatory, and the top three reasons why.

Any Job Dealing with The Public at the Department of Motor Vehicles or Licensing

  1. It’s hard enough having to go there once a year…the folks who work there have to spend every day working at a place the general public hates to go.
  2. Think of how amazingly ridiculous the next photo on your driver’s license could be…can you say TIE DIE BACKDROP!
  3. No one cares about the endless buzz of industrial lighting or the passage of time when they’re high.

Window Washer, Landscaper, or Dogwalker

  1. You’re outside. You should be high. Everything will be more beautiful and the crows might tell you their secrets.
  2. If the weather is crappy, you won’t care. Rain smells GOOD.
  3. When you’re high, you can really focus on the smallest details of your work! Think of how happy that will make your customers…

Corporate Desk Jockeys in Tech

  1. One word, acronyms. If you’re high, you won’t get stabby every time a co-worker uses one.
  2. PowerPoint presentations are so much more tolerable when you’re high. Plus, the unbearable animated bits your skip-level manager adds to the presentation will seem whimsical and delightful.
  3. That next release you’re working on? The people who have to use it are probably going to hate it. Your company’s tech support team? The people who are going to have to spend hours on the phone trying to figure out why your new release messed up their OS — well, they’ll probably hate them too. When you’re high, none of that really matters.

Regardless of whether you can get high at your job…stop by Cannabis Oasis for a much needed retail therapy break on your commute. We’ve got the best marijuana specials in the South Sound.