Everyone at Cannabis Oasis in Tacoma loves smoking weed. And the folks at our weed shop also love cannabis in all its fabulously diverse forms. We’re down with dabbing weed, eating edibles, and vaping concentrates. The world of legal weed is indeed a wonderful one.

So if you’re someone who always goes straight for the shatter wax or grabs the same pre-roll joint? Maybe it’s time to branch out! After all, you don’t go to Trader Joe’s in Green Firs Village Shopping Center and grab the same thing for dinner every night, do you? OK, maybe that’s a bad example. But this isn’t about the fact that the frozen gnocchi with Gorgonzola pulls on us like a tractor beam every time we leave the sample station. Seriously, it’s really not about that. Please, we’re doing our best here — let’s not get bogged down over our sometimes-regrettable lack of dietary diversity. Sometimes we do get the Japanese-style fried rice.

That said, it’s always fun to change up the way you chase your buzz. So we wanted to tip you off about some recent off-the-beaten path favorites we’ve discovered. Ethos Extracts makes some great tinctures, including its Water Tincture Journey and Water Tincture Paradise — which add a nice little kick to the sparkling water that’s all the rage right now — and we also find that its Muscle Melt Salve is a perfect way to cap a nice long hike, bike ride, or strenuous workout at the gym.

Another set of products we love? Potionz Lotionz from Northwest Cannabis Solutions. These coconut massage oils are infused with fully activated cannabinoids, and will definitely give anyone treated to a rub-down with them a pleasant sensation.

So next time you’re looking for weed in Tacoma? Why not think outside the bong and opt for one of these buzz-worthy products? There’s sure to be a nice addition to any stoner’s stash!