Buds for the Buddy Holly Story

On February 3, 1959, the world lost several amazing young musical talents in a plane crash. One of these youngsters was 22 year old Buddy Holly, who had recently shot to fame with his hits like “Peggy Sue” and “That’ll Be The Day.” The loss of all this burgeoning talent was tragic but the story [...]

Three Fun Valentine’s Day Things to Do in Tacoma

Are you ready to get high and have some Valentine’s fun in Tacoma? You know you are! And Tacoma’s best weed store has some killer strains to help make the day extra special for you and your l-o-v-e-r. Whether you’re looking for pre-rolled joints, flower or vape supplies – Cannabis Oasis has a huge selection [...]

Cannabis Oasis’ Picks for Tacoma’s Best Coffee

Got a big project? Weed enthusiasts have long understood that the right strain of marijuana can enhance productivity and focus, particularly when paired with a cup of quality joe. Luckily, you're in Tacoma, land of legal weed and fine coffee. So swing by your favorite Tacoma pot shop for some quality sativa, and then check [...]

Strains for STOMP at Tacoma’s Pantages Theater

CRASH! BOOM! BANG! These are only a few of the sound variations you will experience while enjoying STOMP this weekend at Tacoma’s historic Pantages Theater. STOMP is filled to the brim with amazing percussion and precise coordination amongst the cast who use their bodies and everyday objects to create a truly physical performance. It’s loud, [...]

Marijuana for the Monster Truck Showdown

Your five senses will all be performing at peak levels as Monster Jam takes over the Tacoma Dome this weekend. Thrills, Chills and massive wrecks await you. Never been to a Monster truck rally before? It’s high-octane entertainment with no limit to the surprises. This is non-scripted mayhem you can enjoy from a safe distance. [...]

The Dankest Tacoma Weed for Your New Year’s Detox

A new year is approaching, and it’s only natural to create goals for your next trip around the sun, and perform the old New Year's Detox. So begin anew with a trip to Cannabis Oasis, Tacoma’s pot shop. Located right off the I-5, this convenient shop has an incredible selection of flower, concentrates, topical creams/oils [...]

Top Places to Get Fit for the New Year in Tacoma

New year, new you! Everyone in Tacoma is already gearing up to get fit for the New Year, and the folks at Cannabis Oasis are no exception! Fortunately, everyone can find a form of fitness that fits their lifestyle, just like our budtenders can find your favorite strain, because Tacoma has so much to offer! [...]

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