Cannabis Oasis’ Picks for the Hottest Cannabis Events of Summer 2017

After a long, gray, wet winter – we’re so ready for the summer fun to begin. So much so, that we’ve started plotting out our summer weekend calendar for the best cannabis events in the Seattle area. As any seasoned festival lover knows, you’ve got to have your stash dialed in – and Cannabis Oasis in [...]

How to Make Pot Food — Easy Summer Desserts With Cannabis

There are some skills that everyone should really posses, and how to make pot food is one of them. And since summer is almost here, having a few easy stoner desserts on hand is essential for those sweet, sweet, summer nights. Fortunately, Northwest Cannabis Solutions and Magic Kitchen Edibles have put together a few "cooking" [...]

Cannabis Oasis Suggests: Think Outside the Bong

Everyone at Cannabis Oasis in Tacoma loves smoking weed. And the folks at our weed shop also love cannabis in all its fabulously diverse forms. We're down with dabbing weed, eating edibles, and vaping concentrates. The world of legal weed is indeed a wonderful one. So if you're someone who always goes straight for the shatter wax [...]

Three Stoner YouTubers You Should be Watching

Remember when you had to go to the video rental store only to discover that someone had already checked out the one copy of "Up in Smoke"? You don't? OK, maybe we're old. But, kids, trust us...There was a time when getting quality stoner entertainment meant putting on real pants and leaving the house. Thank [...]

Next Level Stuff: Here’s How to Twax a Pre-Roll

Want to take your session to the next level? When you twax a pre-roll it's sure to do the trick! Don't know how? Well, gather round, all ye stoners and we shall spin you a tale on how enhance your day with the help of cannabis wax, or "shatter." For those not familiar, a cannabis extract [...]

Rainy Days: What To Do in Tacoma — Stoner Edition

What To Do in Tacoma is a great question, and there are lots of fun answers! True Pacific Northwesterners know that rain can’t stop us from spending time in the great outdoors. What To Do in Tacoma And nothing beats a day of getting high and exploring all that this beautiful region has to offer. [...]

Head to Cannabis Oasis, Buy in Bulk!

There's nothing like buying in bulk to simultaneously indulge both your thrifty and gluttonous side.Do you really need a 50-pack of Twinkies, an industrial-size vat of Nutella, or a bag of chips big enough you could use it to collect yard waste? No, of course you don't. Nobody does. And if you think buying Oreos [...]

Weed for the Tacoma Wedding Expo

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Weed can help. If you’re planning to hit the Tacoma Wedding Expo, March 25th thru 26th, you’re going to need just the right marijuana strains to keep your mood up, your mind focused, and your stress low. Cannabis Oasis in Tacoma is here for you. Tacoma’s best pot shop [...]

Stop at Cannabis Oasis Before Mythicworlds Fantasy Convention

Inspired by people who live in their own realms, the Mythicworlds fantasy convention celebrates diverse international myth, legend and folklore. At Mythicworlds you’ll meet internationally acclaimed artists, authors and designers who are all myth-inspired makers in popular media. Sounds like an epic weekend, right? So make your fantasies hyper-real with a stop at Tacoma’s best [...]

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