There’s nothing like buying in bulk to simultaneously indulge both your thrifty and gluttonous side.

Do you really need a 50-pack of Twinkies, an industrial-size vat of Nutella, or a bag of chips big enough you could use it to collect yard waste? No, of course you don’t. Nobody does. And if you think buying Oreos by the pallet is a solid decision, you’re probably high.

But that’s cool! There’s a special joy in roaming the isles of a big box retailer and loading up the cart while you load up on samples. And fortunately for Cannabis Oasis customers, there’s a famous retailer known for just such establishments located right across the street from our Tacoma pot shop.

Of course, other than being across the street, Cannabis Oasis doesn’t have a relationship with this mysterious, unnamed store. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have little bit of fun with our neighbor. So put on your detective cap, watch the video, and see if you can smell what we’re cooking here. Unless you’re super-baked, it should be super obvious. And even if you’re super baked? It should still be pretty clear.

Enjoy the video, and ask your friendly budtenders at Cannabis Oasis how to get 10% off your purchase!